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The school is Upper Secondary School emphasizing in its education several aspects: supporting students in self-development, provoking their curiosity, preparing them for adult independent life in a local, national and European community, developing the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Number of students attending to school is decreasing with every year, as the area is struggling with demographic crisis, caused by emigration. Currently, there are 200 pupils in our school. In the local community we are known as a small school with infinite possibilities, and we do deserve this reputation.

he historic town of Biecz is located in a picturesque mountainous area of Lower Beskid. Despite the attractive geographical location, the town is isolated from major Polish cultural centers and job centers. Thus, both in Biecz and surrounding villages the unemployment rate is relatively high. Majority of families are separated because of one parent working abroad. These two factors affect students of our school: The separation of families affect them emotionally, while financial aspect limits students' access to high culture and possibilities of self-development outside the school. On the whole, awareness of being deprived, negatively affects the intellectual and social development of the young people. That is why, the school feels responsible for providing its students as many sources of broadening their horizons and chances of self- development as it is possible. There are numerous clubs and extra - curricular activities available for students, such as: drama club, music club, scouting club, e-Twinning club, handball club, English and German club, science club.

Through, cooperation with numerous cultural institutions, our school became the local cultural centre. Thus, not only is the school the main educational centre but also it provides the local society with the access to culture (including high culture). It's worth mentioning the annual plays and concerts performed by school drama club and music club, open to the local audience and involvement in other numerous events.