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19th June was a social enterpreneurship day

19th June in Stanisław Wyspianski Lyceum in Biecz, Poland was a social enterpreneurship day. In the Morcing, all studnets gathered in the school auditorium to meet an expert from ROPS ( Regional Institute of Social Enterpreneurship) Krakow and see the presentation about social enterpreneurship in Poland and Lesser Poland region. During the theoretical panel examples of social enterprises as well as famous Polish social enterpreneurs were presented. After that, students actively participated in a discussion panel with the expert. In the final, practical part of the day, the first and second grade students divided intro groups participated in workshops in social enterpreneurship. Teams of students worked on designing a social enterprise. During the simulating game they run their enterprises, used critical thinking to solve problems and tried marketing strategies.

An International Conference held by Ruse University

On 14th, June, Geo Milev ELS participated in an International Conference held by Ruse University. One of the events was an exposition of youth innovation. We presented our school as an innovative school, a huge part of which is our project GROWW and its innovative results. There we had a stall with a running presentation and we also disseminated our final project outcome - the Electronic Employability and Entrepreneurship Guide.

The third transnational meeting - Biecz, Poland, 2nd -6th, June, 2018

The last transnational meeting was held in Biecz, Poland from 2nd to 6th, June. The partners from the seven schools met again for the last time to discuss and work on the final outcome, to plan further dissemination and evaluation of the project. All the products on the site were checked and examined with a view to the site itself being among the results. Partners focused on the layout of the EEE- guide (Employability and Entrepreneurship Electronic Guide) containing teaching aids designed for teachers interested in the topic. Some of the best business plans are also meant to be presented as another part of the final outcome of the project.

а creativity of students

During the exchange in Le Mans the students got inspired to write a song for the project. They had the chance to work in a real studio and produce a record. Here are the two versions they came up with.

at the University of Ruse

On the 17, May, Ruse University, Faculty of Business and Management, organized a forum led by Head of the Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Ruse. Our School, recognized as gaining a high profile in entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, was invited to participate. Two teachers, the coordinator of the GROWW project and the Head of the School Entrepreneurship Club, gave presentations on the progress our students have made in this field. It was a great opportunity for us to disseminate our project among other schools and the university community, share experience and exchange good practices.

a workshop in social entrepreneurship

On the 10th, May students from the 10th grade had a workshop in social entrepreneurship. Taking the roles of city councilors they worked in groups to initiate eco projects to boost tourism in their town. The teams came up with feasible plans, which they are they further developed into business plans applying the business model canvas.

a workshop “Thinking Hats”

On the 4th, May students form the 8th an d 9th grade were engaged in a workshop “Thinking Hats” to warm up to the principles and ideas of Social Entrepreneurship. The workshop was led by 11th grade students who are already more experienced in social entrepreneurship. The students worked in 5 groups of six and were given tasks requiring creative and communicative skills. Social entrepreneurhsip can be fun!

our stay in Le Mans, France

It was a real pleasure for us to participate in this year Erasmus + GROWW project. During our stay in Le Mans, France, we had the opportunity to gain new knowledge and find ourselves in completely different working environment which provided us with experience in the field of business entrepreneurship. Since our first day we were divided in 7 teams of 3, 4 or 5 people. Each team had the task of writing a short entrepreneurship plan in the form of presentation. The last day of the project was the day when each team had the chance to present their ideas and show what they had been working on during the whole week. Except for the presentations we had enough time to get to know each one of the participants – people from different nationalities (Finland, Poland, Romania, Italy, France and Portugal), and to share some unforgettable memories together. We learnt a lot about their culture, lifestyle and education. On the second and third day of our stay we had the great opportunity to visit a real music studio and cover a song, whose authors were students from the group. This experience will stay in our memory and heart to the rest of our lives. The friendships we built and the memories we shared will for sure be long remembered. Here follows our short movie on our stay in Le Mans.

The Power of Enterpreneurship

On 12th March 2018 a group of 35 students of Stanislaw Wyspianski Lyceum gathered in the school audytorium to participate in workshops ‘The Power of Enterpreneurship’ organised under Erasmus+ project. The aim of workshops was to discover similarities and differences between an enterpreneur and an employee as well as to find out what features distinguish a sucessful enterpreneur. Students working in groups of 6 worked on making list of differences between enterpreneurs and intrapreneurs. Through diversity of activities they tried to discover enterpreneurial traits in themselves and decided which ones make a business person successful. Later students watched 10 rules for success given by Jack Ma and Nick Vujicic.

а contest in Social Entrepreneurship

On the last day before Easter holiday students form Geo Milev ELS, Ruse, participated in another regional contest in Social Entrepreneurship organized by Ruse University. The students identified social problems in the city and orgnized in teams, sought solutions. They developed business plans showing great creativity and presented them most convincingly. Their active involvement in this contest marks an important stage of our project GROWW.

Meeting the USA ambassador

On 27.03. 2018, the students of the National College of Computer Science, members of the Young Entrepreneurs Club, had the honor to present some of their projects they participated in various national competitions to USA Ambassador, Hans Klemm. The meeting promoted entrepreneurship as well as the GROWW SINERGEE Erasmus Project, and the ambassador was pleasantly surprised by the extracurricular activities carried out in our high school. The teams that presented their projects were: Stone Aquarium, Aqua Green, Mevaun, Mountain Grass, SOS Lake Bicaz and TripTime. Not only did he like the ideas presented by students, but he also appreciated their mobilization and the work done in a very short time. The students of the National College of Computer Science claim that it was a unique experience to meet a man of such high standards, coming from a different environment where each person has a different mentality.

You are a brand

On 27 March 2018 a group of 28 students (1,2,3 grade) of Stanislaw Wyspianski Lyceum in Biecz took part in workshops organised by University of Business - National Louis University in Nowy Sącz, Poland. The aim of ‘You are a brand’ workshops was to increase competetiveness of their participants on labour market. The students were presented with the process of brand building and shown the importance of personal brand building.

A contest in Entrepreneurship

Six students from the 11th grade from Geo Milev ELS participated in a contest in Entrepreneurship organised by Ruse University, Business and Management Department. Using Eduard de Bono’s methodology of the “6 Thinking Hats”, the participants, organized in 13 teams of 6 members applied creative and critical thinking when completing the tasks. The participation of our students was in accordance with the aims and objectives of our project GROWW and helped the contestants demonstrate and develop entrepreneurial skills.

Our students were welcomed at Machin Bidule

Our students were welcomed at Machin Bidule, a young and innovative communication agency, praising love of life in the world of work. Ludovic, a former student of our school, started the agency when he was 24 and now he manages, with his partner Olivia, a joyous and very professional team accessing major markets. Post-it Notes helped us to express ourselves and define our interests. They meet our expectations. Giving time to the future generation of workers and share positive values is also Social Entrepreunership. (And we are all big fans of Paupiette, the cat!)

A workshop about Entrepreneurship and Business Plans

Students from the vocational course of Accountancy (years 11 and 12) visited the University Lusíada in V. N. de Famalicão on 31st January 2018 and were informed about courses students can attend and the facilities and services the University provides. They also participated in a workshop about Entrepreneurship and Business Plans. The event was organized by the Portuguese team of project GROWW.

A second transnational meeting was held in Portugal, Famalicao

On Tuesday 14.11.2017, X grade students from the National College of Computer Science met the general manager of Toddy Group SRL - Liliana Todiraş. The workshop was carried out within the Junior Achievement project "101 Entrepreneurs in the Classroom", developed at the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017. Ms. Liliana Todiraș presented the story of the launch and growth of Toddy Group's business, emphasizing aspects that can inspire and educate students. Students have been particularly interested in the presented issues, asking numerous questions about the firm and its field of activity. Main interest subjects: the meaning of being an entrepreneur, the most important personal features to succeed in business, ways to become an entrepreneur, the story of the business launching, the advantages and disadvantages in this career, possible successes and failures – all important matters for the students who would like to embrace this business domain. Lecturers: Mariana Fronea and Dorina Mormocea.

A second transnational meeting was held in Portugal, Famalicao

The partners exchanged good practices in the area of making business plans, which was part of the second stage of the GROWW project in Entreprenurship. The hosts, our Potuguese partners from V. N. FAMALICAO, AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS D. SANCHO I, introduced all the other partners to the third stage of the project on Social Entrepreneurship through various activities. One was a presentation by Mariana Marques from YUPI Association for Local Dvelopment in Famalicao. Another was a meeting with the YUPI Association for Local Development, the aim of which is to raise social awareness of young people and stimulate social entrepreneurship.

From now on all partners will be developing with their teams innovative social enterprises which they are going to present at the next meeting in April.

Teams from all the countries presented movies, web pages, brochures, workshops, final outcomes and intellectual output of social entrepreneurship projects, solutions to the social problems of the community.

Here follow some tools we can use for our work on Social entrepreneurship:

some tools we can use for our work on Social entrepreneurship

Dissemination of events

Once back in Isernia the first thought went towards the dissemination of the activities which had just taken place. A newspaper article relating the highlights of the transnational mobility in Portugal was prepared and posted on Erasmus + corner. A seminar with school staff members, parents and teachers from other schools in the area was organized on theThursday 8 November in order to report on the project carried out thus far. Opinions and ideas were exchanged on this occasion.

Entrepreneur's day

On 9th October local businessmen met students at Liceum Ogólnokształcące in Biecz and revealed secrets of their successful enterprises. The whole school community participated in the “Entrepreneur's day” organised within Eramsus+ GROWW project.

How to make a business plan

How to make a business plan is certainly not an easy task. To go through this stage of the project students from 10th and 11th grade participated in two workshops on 6th and 13th, October. The workshops were led by a mentor from Ruse University, Business and Management Department, Ms. Daniela Yordanova. She first presented the basic points of developing a business idea into a business plan. Then the students, working in teams worked on their innovative ideas and drew up their plans, assisted by mentors from 12th grade who have accumulated some experience and confidence in entrepreneurship from previous events.

Training event with teachers from Geo Milev English Language School from 30, June - 1, July

The aim of the seminar was to inform colleagues of the results of the first year of the project. They got acquainted with the products uploaded on the site The focus though was on these aspects of the project that we had worked with the students and that were directly related to our schoolwork and communication with students. For the first year of the project students and teachers worked on skill students need to build up today for the world of work and we found it vital to familiarize all the colleagues with these. It was important for all the participants of this event to see the list of skills identified by the students and discuss those that can be acquired with our teachers’ involvement.

In one of the seminars we discussed how employabilty skills can be rated in terms of importance. In another seminar we discussed motivation, ethics, adaptability, communication, Lifelong learning, critical thinking, creativity, which are among the top employability skills and how they can be enhanced through various subjects. We had a discussion on the problem of rote learning and worked on strategies to tackle this issue.

We had another seminar in which all the participants in the moblities shared impressions of how teaching happens in the countries we worked with on the project and how entreprenurship is taught. The difference between entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship was discussed in detail. We discussed entrepreneurship not so much as setting up real entreprises but in terms of a key competence in modern education.

The feedback from this two-day seminar was that all colleagues found it extremely beneficial to their direct contact with students and their teaching methods. There follows the presentation prepared for the seminar by the coordinator of the project and some of the teaching tools.

Materials from the workshops can be downloaded from here:

Materials from the workshops

This is a useful link for Bulgarian teachers.

Summer jobs

Dear students,
The summer holiday is coming at last!!! Time to rest well and forget about textbooks and examinations! But some of you will not just rest. Some of you will be working for various reasons.

If you haven't started looking for a job this summer, keep in mind that your job search is about more than earning some pocket money – it could give you the competitive edge you need to get more and better jobs in the future. And while you are doing your summer job try to make the most of it. Ask yourselves questions.

Here are some questions that might help you go deeper into what you are doing and benefit from experience. Go through them, bear them in mind and try to find the answers this summer or later in September when you come back to school. You can download the questionnaire here.

The completed questionnaire can be sent back via the site's contact form.

Here follow the responses and the findings of the questionnaire:

Questionnarie for summer placement

Evaluation Forms For Summer Placement - Italy:

Evaluation Forms For Summer Placement - Italy

Bulgarian Students, Young Enrepreneurs, Participate in an International Conference in Piatra Neamt, Romania

Social entrepreneurship is meant to become the engine of change in the mentality of communities with disadvantaged groups and social problems. It addresses mainly young people. So four 18-year old entrepreneurs from Geo Milev English Language School, Ruse, attended an International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship with the ultimate objective of learning how to do business on a social scale, how to address the interests of those who need more attention and care.

The International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship was organized by our partners in the GROWW, Erasmus+ Project, from Piatra Neamt, Rumania, to exchange innovative ideas in the field of social economy and best practices in projects already implemented. The Conference invited about 60 people from Europe (Greece, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal, Bulgaria and Romania. It lasted three days – form 23 till 25th, June.

Teams from all the countries presented movies, web pages, brochures, workshops, final outcomes and intellectual output of social entrepreneurship projects, solutions to the social problems of the community.

Among the 60 guests there were representatives of the local authorities to raise awareness towards youth and youth initiatives in the community, to find practical solutions to social problems.

Each of the participants came up with a problem study concerning an identified problem at the local community level and offered solutions within the framework of the collective work sessions of the Conference.

At the end of the conference all the students were engaged in a workshop of blue thinking and came up with projects in social enterprise, which boosted their self-confidence and knowledge of social entrepreneurship – an area with endless possibilities to work for social impact.

Launching the second stage of the project – Entrepreneurship

On the 16th, June more than sixty students form the 9, 10 and 11th grade from Geo Milev Language School gathered in the school auditorium to officially launch the second stage of our Erasmus+ GROWW Project.

The aim of this event was to meet the club of students form the school who were engaged in Junior Achievement for the first time this school year.

They presented to them their experience and achievements and introduced them to the topic of what being a young entrepreneur is. Students listened to their presentations, asked questions and eventually teams for work next year were formed.

Entrepreneurship basics

On 2nd June 2017 the basics of entrepreneurship were discussed at English Language School "Geo Milev", Rousse, Bulgaria. The workshop provided an introduction to the experience of being an entrepreneur. Alex Kondov, a graduate of the school and a successful young entrepreneur, shared what the entrepreneurial experience has led to for him in terms of personal growth and development. He further explained the fundamental features of the entrepreneurial mindset, behavior and skills, and emphasized the central role of creativity and observation in identifying and developing entrepreneurial opportunities.

Last but not least, students realized that entrepreneurial experience might be critical to every manager´s future career and that getting a better understanding of it is important for successful business ventures.

Enterprise Day 2017

Honouring businessmen alumni was the motto of the 5th edition of the “Entreprise Day”, in this year of the 60th anniversary of D. Sancho I School, in a ceremony held in the afternoon of May 31 2017, before an auditorium full of guests from the institutional, business and educational community of Vila Nova de Famalicão. The ceremony continued with the signing of a protocol of cooperation with ten companies and an association whose founders or directors and administrators were D. Sancho’s former students and who, because of their dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit, are a reference in the region’s business panorama.

Getting Prepared for the JA Competition Finals – The Company of the Year 2017

On Wednesday, May 17th, 2017, the AQUA GREEN, the Stone Aquarium and SOS Lake Bicaz teams, qualified at the National Company Competition 2017, met with mentors to prepare the 4 minutes business pitch and the interview concerning the team stand that will take place during the finals in Bucharest on May 24, 2017.
The organizers of the activity: Mrs. Ana Ciobanu, Expert in Communication, Cooperation and Business Development at the NORD-EST REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, ROMANIA and Mr. Victor Dumitrache, Regional Operations Manager at JA Romania. We thank mentors and organizers for this experience that prepares young people for real life by teaching them how to launch and manage profitable businesses bringing added value to the communities they live in.

BizzFactory Incubator - 03.05.2017

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 4 teams from the National College of Informatic Science in Piatra Neamt, participating in the program The Company of the Year 2017 – the BizzFactory, met again with their mentors, successful businessmen from the North East Region. For two hours students were guided to complete a business plan, to pilot the idea of a business and to test it on the real market. The activity was carried out between 11-14 pm as a workshop with the following participants: Mountain wheat, mentors: Mr. Alex Tapu / Prodalcar SRL and Ms. Magda Nechita/ Mentor Training SRL, Stone aquarium, mentors: d Ovidiu Irimia/ Ecoline SRL and Mr. Ovidiu Ţigănescu /Dinamic 92. Lake Bicaz, Mentor Mr. Mihai Bârliba/ Bico Industries SRL ( the pupils met twice with Mr. Bârliba during holidays), AQUA GREEN, mentors Mr. Radu Nechita/ Mentor Training SRL, Liliana Todiras/ Toddy Group SRL. On holidays the students met with director Anca Plugaru/ Cribernet SRL. Organizers of the activity: Ms. Ana Ciobanu, Communication, Cooperation and Business Development Expert/ NORD-EST REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, ROMANIA and Mr. Victor Dumitrache, Regional Operations Manager/ JA Romania. Thanks to mentors and organizers for this opportunity!

Teacher training in Italy, Isernia

The short-term joint staff training event in Italy was held in Isernia, Italy from 19.04 till 23.04. Twenty-four teachers from six guest countries were warmly welcomed by our Italian hosts. We gathered to exchange good practices and to update our knowledge of Entrepreneurship. Among us there were teachers quite new to the concept of teaching entrepreneurship so we were given the basics that we could pass on to others involved in the project. On the first two days there was exchange of good practices shared by Italy, Rumania, Portugal and Finland.Through presentations, short videos, and photos we got acquainted with the wealth of experience they have in this field. Each of these schools has valuable experience in Entrepreneurship; these are schools that have training enterprise, students co-op, business simulation projects for local businesses, national and international awards for achievement. On the third day we discussed basics in Entrepreneurship and shared strategies, methodology, approaches, tools. This was followed by workshops on developing materials and teaching aids. We also developed assessment tools; developed the diary checklist for the summer assignment, updated the plan of activities for the follow up.

All in all, it was a short five-day training event, perfectly organized, full of efficient work and extremely rewarding in terms of experience.

Bulgarian Team from English Language School "Geo Milev", Rousse in Finland

The French team's report on the meeting in Finland and Italy

a report on the meeting in Finland

The first short term exchange

The first short term exchange of groups of pupils, a five-day learning activity, in Finland, Lappeenranta, from 19.02 to 25.02.2017 - workshops, career orientation, rare jobs, research in town, interviews with parents and community, drawing profiles, presentations, research on job interviews, short videos, studying strategies.

Kiitos! благодаря! Obrigado! Grazie! Dziękuję! Mulțumesc!

What did we expect before the trip? We were looking forward to discover a new country, to meet new people from Europe, to acquire new skills in the world of work that help for our future studies and jobs.

The GROWW project in Finland met our expectations and beyond. We learnt from everyone of you. Our hosts organized everything perfectly. For a week, we were all Sampo students. During job interviews, for cooking lessons or wood construction, we realized that communication is the key. It helps to build step by step our English-speaking confidence. And there is no language barrier when you slip on a frozen lake or sing a Ed Sheeran song. Then you discuss about your daily life, your family, your school, teach words of your mother tongue. Autonomous and united.

Now, we feel responsible and we want to use all this knowledge and positive energy. And we feel also responsible to plan another wonderful week in France next year!

Keep in touch!

Manon, Léa, Sarah, Inès, Baptiste, Victor

Interview to a local Entrepreneur

On 17th January 2017, a group of students from AE D. Sancho I GROWW team interviewed one of the most successful young entrepreneurs of the region. André Vieira de Castro, from the paint and varnish company, Argacol, explained what qualities and competences the company valued in its personnel and how the company’s Human Resources identified those qualities and competences in the candidates they were interviewing.

The first transnational meeting

The first transnational meeting was held from 16th till 20th of November. We met our partners from Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Romania. We planned our next steps into finding an answer to the hardest task in front of the school faces today help young people find and develop their potential and build up such attributes and skills that will guarantee successful personal and professional fulfilment.

Logo competition

A logo competition for our project GROWW was held in October. All the logos were uploaded on our FB page, where students and teachers from all the partner countries voted for the best one. All the logos were creative and each one deserved a like. The winner is Sabina's logo with 230 likes, followed by Stefana's, Leonard's, Stanimir's, Marika's and Codrin's. Congratulations! The winner logo:

Some logos that participated in the competition: For more visit our Fb group GROWW.