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Our technical school for business/tourism/electronics is located in an urban area and most students live in the surrounding areas. The building was constructed in 1962 and has greatly expanded since the 1970s because it has managed to respond to the rising demands of the population. There are a number of students with special needs that have an individual curriculum and supportive private courses in most subjects. In addition, there are a number of migrants that are integrated with the local community but still have supportive and language courses where necessary. There are 110 staff members and 850 students. The programs offered by the technical school go from accounting, toursim, landsurveying to electronics and ICT. Our school has developed a vast experience in planning and carrying out activities which combine educational programs with the working world, capable of supplying students with direct experiences in the working field both in Italy and abroad, even if for short periods of time. Work experience practised during the school year gives students the opportunity to verify the validity of school preparation as compared to the demands of the world of work which can no longer be considered separately. Another activity worth mentioning is the creation of a virtual enterprise, supported by an existing one, in which students work on activities, which go from preparing a business idea to the drawing up of a business plan with all the necessary transactions involved, taking place inside a network connected with other Italian and foreign schools. Our school has always put special focus on numerous courses that go from language, computer aided design or a network operating systems that lead to the attainment of valid certifications which have proven to be priceless when it comes to work opportunities.