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Saimaa Vocational College Sampo offers quality education and training, is a vocational institute and is known for being working-life oriented. Sampo offers adult and youth education flexibly in collaboration and in an up-to-date learning environment.

In all the fields of vocational education and training it is possible to complete a vocational upper secondary qualification and a matriculation examination simultaneously (a dual qualification). Completing a comprehensive school-based qualification takes three years, however, a matriculation examination-based qualification can be completed in two years.

In youth education, there are roughly 20 vocational qualifications in 7 fields of vocational education and training:Technology, Communication andTransport ,Social Sciences, Business and Administration,Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services, Social Services, Health and Sport, Culture,Natural Resources and the Environment, Natural Sciences.

Those with a vocational qualification are eligible for applying to a university of applied sciences or a university. A joint qualification enhances one's eligibility for further studies.

At Sampo, we want to take into account the student's situation in life and thus offer multiple different options for acquiring a vocational qualification. The collaboration between different fields of vocational education and training and multiple study paths aid the student to find his/her own individual path.

In the joint qualification the student completes simultaneously a vocational qualification and a matriculation examination. The upper secondary school classes are held within regular school hours in Sampo's premises. A student can also complete individual courses in the collaboration upper secondary school even if they are not aiming for a matriculation examination. Having a joint qualification enhances the student's eligibility for further studies. Regularly, studies in Sampo last three years.